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System Orion

System Orion is our response to individual needs in the field of gates. We offer single-leaf models, ideal for small spaces, double-leaf gates, perfect for larger entrances, and sliding gates, which provide a space-saving solution. Each gate is made of robust steel profiles with an aesthetic sheet metal filling, offering a wide range of customization options in terms of shape and appearance. In the Orion System, we combine functionality with elegant design, guaranteeing safety and style.

Discover the key features of our Orion gate system, designed to meet your unique needs and preferences:

  • Diverse Range of Designs: The designs showcased in our visualizations are just the beginning. In the Orion system, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of designs, ensuring that your gate perfectly aligns with your personal style and property aesthetics.

  • Handle Selection: The option to choose between a handle and a grip. Select the type of handle that best suits your taste and functional requirements, adding a personal touch to your gate's design.

  • Flexible Color Options: Don't limit yourself to the colors visible in our visualizations. In the Orion system, you can choose a color from the RAL palette that truly represents you and complements your property, making your gate stand out from the rest.

  • Custom Sizing: Gate size can be tailored to your needs (if technically feasible). In the Orion system, each gate is designed to perfectly match the client's specifications and requirements.

  • Orion 01-04 Connected with Rivets: In Orion models 01-04, we use sheet metal fillings connected to the frame with rivets, ensuring structural robustness and an elegant appearance.

  • Orion 05-06 with Special Connection: Orion models 05-06 are connected to the profile using a special sheet metal connection, guaranteeing durability and an aesthetic look.

  • Absolute Privacy: Possible preparation of a version completely concealing the property's interior (Orion 03 variation). With full sheet metal and masking strips at the hinges, you can be sure that your private space is fully protected from prying eyes

Orion 01

Orion 02

Orion 03

Orion 04

Orion 05