P.W. POMex is family business the origins of which date back to the time when all enterprises in Poland were state-owned. The current name - POMex refers to POM and export.

POMs were state-owned enterprises, established in the 1950s, in place of the previously operating Machine and Tractor Stations. POMs were established in practically every Polish commune. They were appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture - Central Board of State Machine Centers.

POMs had a machine park and their task was mainly to support agricultural production cooperatives in terms of mechanization of agricultural production, repairs of agricultural equipment, agrotechnical service and staff training.

After 1956, most of the production cooperatives broke up, but POMs continued to operate, taking care of the agricultural circles. From 1957, they were mainly engaged in repairs of agricultural tractors and machines owned by production cooperatives, agricultural circles and individual farmers, the production of spare parts, etc., limiting services related to agricultural production. In 1970, there were 352 POMs in Poland. After the introduction of a market economy in Poland, most POMs were transformed into companies, some were liquidated or the scope of services changed

After the political transformation, what once was a state-owned enterprise, became a family-owned company focus on the production of fencing systems and gates. After 30 years on the market, we are proud to be experts in welding and locksmith work. We produce, very popular, modern, comprehensive panel fencing. Thanks to our legacy, we have extensive experience in the design and construction of steel structures - incl. for the construction industry, such as: balustrades, handrails, approaches for the disabled, roofing, gratings, etc.


Design, production and montage of fence systems on the building site are based on our own products and design while every individual project is worked through by professional consultancy. POMEX fence systems  not only guarantee basic security functions but also coordinate with the architectural target of the object.


For detailed technical documentation, download the general product catalog.

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