FORTE and PIANO systems are particularly well suited for fencing school and sports facilities. Unusual stiffness of spans, resistance to ball hits, ease of assembly - also at higher heights, predisposes these products to such use. They can form the whole fence or act as its part. The POMEX company offers, among others hybrid system, the so-called ball catchers. Such a fence is composed in the lower part of a FORTE or PIANO type fence, and in its upper part from a polypropylene mesh with mesh size depending on the type of pitch. The stretched mesh is attached to horizontal crossbars bolted between the posts. The posts used for the ball grips are ordinary cold-formed closed profiles or pipes. Ball-grips can also be constructed only of polypropylene mesh with a suitable string thickness and mesh size. The mesh is suspended on steel cables and tensioned on rigid steel truss columns permanently attached to the ground.


Steel elements are protected against corrosion by hot galvanizing and powder coating. Pick-ups and protective nets for POMEX fields make it easier to conduct classes at school sports fields.


  • school facilities

  • sport fields

  • stadiums

  • tennis

  • swimming pools


  • operational reliability

  • aesthetics

  • security

  • functionality

Fences and ball grips produced by PW "POMEX" Sp. z o. o. are in line with the assumptions of the government project called:   "MY ORLEN COURSE 2012".

Our proposal are in 3 variants:

  1. Fence and ball grips made of woven steel mesh. Mesh and wire thickness according to design arrangements. Steel poles of appropriate construction, minimum spacing 2m, maximum 5m.

  2. Fence and ball grip "hybrid". Bottom, up to a height of 2m, fence panels manufactured by POMEX (type FORTE or PIANO). Above, to a minimum height of 4m (for fences) and 6m (for saws) protective mesh made of polypropylene or polyamide. Mesh with designer meshes - usually 100 × 100 (less often 120 × 120). Twine thickness 3-5 mm. Steel poles with suitable construction, minimum wheelbase 2m, maximum 5m.

  3. Fence and ball grips at full height as above made only from POMEX fencing panels (PIANO or FORTE type). Steel poles with suitable construction, minimum wheelbase 2m, maximum 5m.


In addition, we offer freestanding ball grips, not related to the fence. A minimum height of 6m. Protective polypropylene mesh (optionally polyamide) or braided steel mesh. Optionally also possible in versions as in item 2. and 3. Steel poles with suitable construction, minimum wheelbase 2m, maximum 5m. For each variant, we offer wickets and entrance gates with filling compatible with the type of fence. We offer all steel products in the version of corrosion protection by hot galvanizing or galvanizing and powder coating with hot curing polyesters.

We offer delivery and assembly anywhere in Poland!


For detailed technical documentation, download the general product catalog.

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