Mining and other heavy industry accessories

The company PW Pomex Sp. z o. o. is a producer of complete conveyor routes used in mining. These are GWAREK routes with a width of 1000, 1200 and 1400.


The set includes bottom trestles and upper brackets as well as mounting parts such as:

  • connecting beams

  • handles

  • overlay

  • wedges

  • clamps

  • splint

Depending on the needs of a given mine, different versions of these constructions or assembly elements are produced.


In addition, lighter versions of belt conveyor routes are used, e.g. in gravel pits, sand rooms or for individual customer needs . These are routes from 400mm wide. The standard method of corrosion protection is dip painting. It is possible to galvanize these structures or powder coating, and even galvanizing and powder coating.



We are also able to make other elements based on the client's project.


For detailed technical documentation, download the general product catalog.

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